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My 6th Birthday

This year, my actual birthday fell on a Sunday. I was so disappointed when Mummy told me the celebration in school was to be held on the following Monday. I guess I would officially be 6 years old only after the school’s birthday celebration.

These were how I celebrated my 6th birthday.

On the actual day, 5th of June..

Wearing my Transformer shirt paired with my favorite pair of shoes
Choosing my own birthday present – a toy rifle
Eating my favorite menu from McDonald’s – hash brown and ice Milo
Playing not in one, but two playgrounds in JEM & Westgate
Having lunch and sharing birthday cake with Aunt L

On the next day, 6th of June, we had the celebration in school at tea break time, 3pm. I wore the soldier uniform, complete with red barrette hat and black belt.

My birthday cake was decorated in Minecraft theme. I arranged the toppers myself, with my own Minecraft toys: Steve was running away from Creeper, Enderman and Zombie; while Diamond Steve was hiding behind a tree waiting for a chance to help Steve.

Blow the candle
With my fellow K2 friends

I’m now officially 6 years old!

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Be a soldier

I was so excited when Mummy showed me the various activities taking place at Army Museum this school holiday.

Ready to explore

Before going into the building, we passed by a big tent where I am Mission Ready! activities were taking place. It’s a laser game where children formed teams and try to navigate the inflatable maze to shoot a box. I met a few new friends there. The game was cool but a bit too scary for me.

Am I mission ready?

The Army Museum just underwent renovation and some of its exhibits were still closed.

Be a Soldier was a place where children could dress up as soldiers, complete with hats, toy guns and toy rifles. I loved it!



After that we went to Bollywood Veggies for tea break, followed by a brief farm tour.

At Bollywood Veggies
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Masak Masak 2016

This school holiday, Masak Masak is back at the National Museum. The signature Masak Masak logo and outdoor slides made their appearance again in front of the museum. Beside them there was a new installation, a structure made from giant building blocks.

Block Up!

Going inside the majestic building, the first room we went to was Celebrating Radio, showcasing various exhibit related to radio history. There was also a art & craft corner for children and adults: decorating CD sleeves and creating a mini handheld radio.



Let’s Play was the highlight of this year’s Masak Masak. Snakes & Ladders and Ludo were built as life-sized three dimensional boardgames. I had fun with the steps, slides, and dice.

Let’s Play!

Funcycling section was great too! Bicycles were transformed to perform various functions, like generating soap bubbles, creating art & craft, blowing a balloon, powering up a blender, etc.

This is interesting

Too bad the permanent children play room at level 3 was not there anymore. Hopefully something better will replace it.


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Imaginarium 2016

Today is a public holiday, so for a change, we went to Singapore Art Museum for Imaginarium exhibition. At the foyer there were 2 interesting pianos set up for Play It Forward initiative, where old pianos were restored and then put up in different public spaces for everyone to enjoy. Of course I had to try them out!

Play It Forward

Imaginarium, Singapore Art Museum’s annual exhibition returns this year for the 6th time with the theme “Over the Ocean, Under the Sea”.

Dimana Mogus? installation, featuring various sea creatures crocheted from yarn, was eye catching and whimsical. We could touch them and take photos with them too. Mogus was said to be an imaginary octopus monster, the artist’s alter ego. Daddy said it’s the small yellow octopus wearing pirate eye, Mummy said it’s the giant black one sitting forlornly on the bean bag near the entrance.

Dimana Mogus?

Another highlight was an installation called Ada. It’s an interactive giant ball covered with charcoal studs. Children (and some adults) had a ball pushing it around the room, creating marks on the floor, ceiling and walls of the gallery. Most of the children came out of the gallery looking dirty, but toilets were just a few steps away 🙂

Pushing around a giant ball
Look at my hands!

The last installation we went to was titled Plastic Ocean. It’s a room decorated by approximately 14,000 pieces of non-biodegradable garbage. It’s meant to give visitors the sensation of floating in a sea of trash. But not to worry, all the garbage was very, very clean.

I just had to pose with all these rubbish

As usual, Imaginarium portrayed the chosen theme in ingenious ways. We had fun and will come back for the next round!



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[Sydney Trip] Around Sydney

On our last day in Sydney, we decided to take Sydney Trains. I was elated when Mummy told me we’re gonna take a double decker train. So off we went, after securing some Opal cards. Of course I chose to sit at the upper deck, by the window.

Sydney Train is cool! I love it!

We got down at Waverton station and had brunch at Botanica Garden Cafe. The initial plan was just to get a takeaway but Mummy could not resist to sit down upon seeing the pretty cafe. I did not mind at all, since it meant extra playtime for me 🙂


Brunch, too pretty to eat

From the cafe we took a walk to Waverton Peninsula Reserve. It offered great vantage point to Sydney Bridge and Harbour.

At Waverton Peninsula Reserve

We paid a visit to the Centre of Sustainability but the coal tunnel was closed, so we walked back to the train station and took another ride to Darling Quarter.



Darling Quarter had a fantastic playground. At one glance it did not look that promising but upon further exploration, it had so much to offer: water play area with various installations children could play with, small and big metal slides, flying fox, swings, climbing frame, and sand pits. I could spent a whole day there!

This is so much fun

We had late lunch at Umi Sushi & Udon, just in front of the playground. I had my favorite stir fried beef with rice.

A family photo

We took train to Chatswood to see food market, but too full to buy anything. In the end we just bought gelato from Uncle Stu’s favorite shop.

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[Sydney Trip] Kiama

We stayed in Kiama for one night, and in the morning we explored Jones Beach.

At Jones Beach
Pretty views

We could see the Bombo Headland but did not dare to walk further.


We went to the town centre and bought some snacks – ice cream, muffin and cold drip coffee. Daddy saw the notice about Farmers’ Market held every Wednesday. It just so happened that we were there on a Wednesday so of course we wanted to go.

At Kiama’s town centre

Since the farmer market started only at 2pm, we walked around the Black Beach, Kiama Harbour. And had lunch at Thai Harbour View restaurant.



The market was quite good. They sold mostly food produce: vegetables, fruits, meats, sausages, cheese and various snacks. There’s a stall selling fresh flowers too. Mummy bought some avocados and strawberries.

At the farmers’ market